CONTACT Photography Festival 2013

Devoted to celebrating and fostering the art and profession of photography through a diverse range of programmes, the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival is an annual event throughout the month of May with over 1500 Canadian and international artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 175 venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


We're all instant-photographers now that we have mobile devices with multiple Apps (Instagram, Camera+, Hipstamatic, Snapseed, etc.) to capture and document every moment of our lives—that sunset, our lunch, cute pets, that awesome concert we went to last night, and don't forget about the outfit-of-the-day pics.

Edward Burtynsky | Photos of industrial waste

Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer whose large format photos show the way that human consumption and industry are changing the face of the natural landscape, now and in the future. The images are beautiful, but also very disturbing and thought provoking. The video below explains what motivated Edward to do his series "Oil". You can see more of his work here.

FOCUS | Stephen Wilde

B.C. born Stephen Wilde found his love for photography while studying years ago in Calgary. His talent for drawing may not have blossomed during his time at the Alberta College of Art and Design, but his love for photography did. After giving up the pencil for the camera lens, he then spent a summer in New York with Annie Leibovitz, learning the style of photography he is now known for - taking photos of people and places in their natural environment.

Digital Polaroid Cameras

Did you know that Polaroid have a line in instant digital cameras?! Yep – a digital camera, that’s also a Polaroid camera. We didn’t either! And, their newest edition, the Z2300, is actually amazing. A small digital camera, with a three-inch LCD screen, that prints photos in less than a minute, and in the retro Polaroid style that we love, and custom borders to choose from. We want one. NOW. Available now, in black or white, with a not too hefty $159.99 USD price tag, and shipping starting from August 15.

Richmond Lam

Richmond Lam works in portraiture and documentary images, celebrating the music, fashion, and pop culture that surround him.


A firm part of the worldwide ION family, Meredith Truax got her start in music photography as a teenager, shooting concerts in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

In the Corner of My Eye

The Drake, it is implied, is bursting with culture, positively seething. You never know where you might find it.

Motels of Niagara Falls

Say what you will about the Drake Hotel and its mini-empire, they’re certainly not afraid to try new things.

Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

The work of Toronto-based artist Laurie Kang often blurs the boundaries between image and object.


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