Grolsch Originals

Grolsch Originals | The Belle Game

For the last installment of The Originals series for the year, Andrea Lo and Katrina Jones of the hypnotic dark pop group The Belle Game sit down to talk about pushing themselves musically, their idea of success, and the memorable advice they received from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. 

Grolsch Originals | Current Swell

In the latest installment of The Originals series, Scott Stanton and Dave Lang of Victoria based bluesy indie rock outfit Current Swell talk about growing up as a band and their songwriting “Aha!” moments. 

Grolsch Originals | Jon and Roy

In the latest installment of The Originals series, longtime friends and collaborators Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer of the appropriately named Victoria based folk rock group Jon and Roy talk about getting gigs, spirit walks and the process of constructing a song.

Grolsch Originals | The Zolas

In the first instalment of the Grolsh Originals series, Zach Gray of Vancouver postmodern pop band The Zolas talks about his long history with bandmate Tom Dobrzanski, their very first show, and the kinship they’ve developed along the way with other Vancouver musicians. “In Vancouver we ended up with a perfect eco system of musicians.

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