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No matter how much our world has turned to be focused online and how glued we are to our computers and smartphones, print is not dead. Terrapin Stationers makes us want to write notes, love letters, send thank you cards, and indulge in penmanship and snail mail.

Paul Wong | Four Decades of Art Collected in One Online Space

Paul Wong, a video pioneer, award-winning artist, curator, event organizer and leader of public interventions since the 1970s, has launched a new website featuring over 80 entries of works with more to come. The website spans four decades and is the largest online library or Wong's art.

Liz Hickok | San Fransisco recreated in Jell-O

San Francisco artist Liz Hickok constructed a dramatic cityscapes of her city entirely out of Jell-O.  Not only is this instalation beautiful, the gelatinous material also parallels the geological uncertainties of San Francisco’s landscape. She has also recreated the Whitehouse and New York out of Jell-O in the past as well. J-E-L-L-O!

Bored turns Chicago into a board game

The street artist, or collective, that go by the name Bored have found a way to take street art to a whole new level. They have turned the streets of Chicago into a Monopoly board, complete with plywood Chance and Community Chest cards that are bolted together, as well as dice and the little green houses. The idea is to push beyond typical stencil street art and encourage interactivity with passersby.

It's Cool, I'm Good | Stanya Kahn

Critically acclaimed, and downright hilarious LA artist Kahn presents her first European exhibition during the Olympics. Using fragile humour to tackle her personal trauma and deeper global concerns, her works’ are lined with her own brand of self-deprecation. Who else would dress up in a giant foam penis all in the name of art?! Phalluses aside, this combination of video and drawings also includes tragicomic heroes and paper puppets. At the Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK. 23 June – 16 September.

Jean-François Mayrand’s Amentia

The actor’s face, projected on all three screens, react to which one you pay most attention to, testing his limits and your own.

Andrew Fairclough | Improbable Jams

Not quite with the same intentions as Luda once asked, or musical penchant, but “Who is your Fantasy Supergroup and where would they play your dream gig”?” is the question posed by illustrator Andrew Fairclough. His Improbable Jams project then turns these musical mash-ups, no matter how ridiculous, into an on-going series of one off posters, commemorating improbable gigs, played by even more implausible bands.

Johnny Taylor

What makes someone an artist? Totally a cheesy question, right? But honestly, if you’re willing to forget the bullshit and just think about that, what is it that makes someone an artist? When have you “made it” as a painter? It’s not an easy question to answer.

Alejandro Durán

Many people associate environmentalism with gloom-and-doom predictions about the planet and how we are failing it.


Earlier this year Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press settled their two-year legal dispute over the status of the Barack Obama “Hope” campaign poster. Their decision: to split the merchandising profits and to collaborate on an AP/Obey product line. This incident illustrates just how mundane and institutionalized street art has become.


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