Harmony Korine | Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is exactly what you think it is if you know Harmony Korine's work. Spring Breakers is nothing like what you think it is if you're expecting bubblegum Disney princesses having a few soda-pops laying by the beach.

Sign Painters [Trailer]

Sign painting is a lost art. There was a time when storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were all hand-lettered with brush and paint. But, like many skilled trades, the sign industry has been overrun by the techno-fueled promise of quicker and cheaper. With the technology of computer-designed, die-cut vinyl lettering and inkjet printers, many sign painters have thrown in the towel. However, fortunately, there is a growing trend to seek out traditional sign painters and that is exactly what directors, Faythe Levin and Sam Macon did.

Bones Brigade

Skateboard legend, entrepreneur and filmmaker Stacy Peralta writes another chapter with this autobiographical documentary. Set in the 1980’s, years after “Dogtown and Z-Boys” and “Lords of Dogtown” comes this personal docu-movie which focuses on a group of young, straight-laced, skater American kids – the “Bones Brigade” - who proved that anything is possible (apparently most of them are millionaires these days).

Film | Finding Vivian Maier [TRAILER]

Finding Vivian Maier is a documentary about one of the world's most mysterious street photographers. It all started with Jon Maloof visiting a thrift auction house and placing a bid on a box loaded with negatives. For $380, Maloof won the bid and discovered 100,000 photographic negatives, 700 undeveloped coloured rolls, as well as 8mm and 16mm films. Over time Maloof pieced together that the photos belonged to a Chicago nanny named Vivian Maier.

The 8 Fest | Small-Gauge Film Festival

Celebrating rough little gems on film, The 8 Fest is a Toronto-based film festival that presents all forms of small-gauge film, including Super 8, 8mm and 9.5mm, as well as works in installation, loops, and 'proto-cinema devices.'

"Into The Thicket" [trailer] | Sitka

Into the Thicket chronicles the journey of a few skateboarders' trek into the forests of Vancouver Island to skate a ramp constructed using the surrounding environment and few other materials. Full length video coming soon. Featuring: Chris Haslam, Todd Myers, Mat Howell

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye [ film recap]

Deep down, it’s just another love story. Two people find each other and realize that this was what was missing—that now, things are right, how they were always supposed to be.

Peaches Does Herself | Film recap

Peaches Does Herself could more aptly be titled Peaches Is Herself, or, simply, Peaches. Such is the level of sexualized frenzy and post-taboo theatrics that is associated with her work—Peaches Does Herself is almost a redundancy. In this her feature film debut, she does not withhold or disappoint, taking us on an “epic biographical journey through 22 original songs,” accompanied by obscene choreography following a loosely strung together narrative.

Sister | film recap

At the age of ten, there are only so many things you know how to do: play one or two sports relatively well, fumble in your romantic dealings, get into and consequently try to stay out of trouble, and steal. For Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein), stealing is his métier, and with his older sister Louise (Léa Seydoux) to support, he has little choice.

Post Tenebras Lux | FNC [film recap]

“It’s only a dream, just a memory without anywhere to stay,” Neil Young sings in his 2005 song “It’s A Dream.” The song, which appears in Carlos ReygadasPost Tenebras Lux, is analogous to the sprawling, lyrical film it appears in.


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