Swedish Hasbeens: Zip It Emy

Let’s talk clogs. Let’s really explore them. Let’s understand why they’re made of wood. Jokes! There’s no point in exploring clogs but wearing them in boot form is a completely different story. Wear this pair of Swedish Hasbeens everywhere. Wear them with jeans. Wear them with leggings. Wear them with a mini skirt. Maybe avoid the clog + maxi skirt look. That’s not great. It’s not horrible but it’s not that appealing, you know?




FACE Atelier Lip Putty and Lip Lock

Ever shy away from wearing your favourite bright lipstick shades because you don't want to deal with smudging or colour bleeding? FACE Atelier's Lip Putty and Lip Lock are the solution.

Their Lip Putty is the ultimate lip primer, filling in fine lines in and around the lips, and thereby eliminating blurring and blotching. It also hydrates the lips with its combination of essential oils and vitamins, including meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter and allantoin, while providing organic ultra-violet protection. It's fragrance free, non-comedogenic (pore-blocking) and vegan.

Ted Baker London: Zip-Up Baseball Jacket

Did you know that the dude who started Ted Baker isn’t even named Ted Baker? His name is Ray Stuart Kelvin. There are people in this world who are named Ted Baker but the guy who founded Ted Baker isn’t one of them. Weird, right? Maybe he knew a guy named Ted Baker and was like, “I shall name my fashion empire after him”.

Drake General Store: Held in Common Huxley Tee

This time of year, the weather can be hit or miss. Some days you're ready to sip some sangria on your balcony in your underwear, others you're kicking yourself for putting away your winter sweaters. Often, a long-sleeve tee is just right under your jacket this time of year. Opt for the Huxley Tee by Toronto’s Held in Common available at the Drake General Store. No, not that Drake. The other Drake.

Modcloth: Planetarium Parade Babydoll Dress

Neil deGrasse Tyson wants you to wear this dress. Okay, he didn’t specially say that, but you know he’d approve. It’s got planets on it for eff’s sake. They’re probably not real planets but creative interpretations of them. Plus, this dress has a cute little collar. It’s so cute. It’s like Pluto cute. Is Pluto a planet?

Avnis: Wedding Backdrop Necklace

Whether you’re getting married or just wearing an open-back shirt, this necklace is what’s missing from your ensemble. You didn’t even know that something was missing from your ensemble. Now you know that something is missing from your ensemble so get this gorgeous necklace and fix that issue. Also, this necklace is filled with 14k gold – NOICE! – and pearls.

Erin Templeton: Visor

It’s not always sunny in Canada but when it is, it’s blinding. Sunglasses are great but what happens when you forget them at home? Made in Vancouver, this visor will protect your precious eyes from the sun. For those days when you either don’t want to wear your shades or you forget them, put this visor on and you’re all set to face the day. Visors are trendy right now. Don’t worry. You won’t look like your uncle on the golf course or your aunt when she goes to the lake.

Jordan de Ruiter: Ariana Shorts

These Jordan de Ruiter Ariana Shorts are ridiculous (in a good way). Are they underwear? Are they a bathing suit bottom? Are they booty shorts? Who cares. They’re made in Canada and they’re sexy as eff. Get yourself a pair of these bad boys (or bad girls or bad whatever-you-want-them-to-be because gender is fluid) and rock the crap out of them indoors and then outdoors if the weather permits. Whenever that may be since this country is at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Ellie Mae Studios: Bernard Pineapple Cloque Jacket

Pineapples are all over the place these days. Now you can make them be all over you with the Bernard Pineapple Cloque Jacket from Toronto’s Ellie Mae Studios. The word “cloque” means “blister” in French and this jacket blisters with style. Made of 76% polyester and 24% polyamide, this pineapple jacket situation will keep you warm but not too warm because you don’t want to sweat while wearing it.

Rogues Custom: Double Monk Strap

Made-to-measure shoes delivered in 8-10 weeks? Yes, please. Rogues Custom is a company with offices in Toronto and Hong Kong because, duh, that’s where men want custom shoes all the time. They accommodate all sizes and widths and will make you the shoes of your dreams, like the Double Monk Strap.


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