Untitled Art Space turns one! [Event]

Over the past 12 months, Untitled Art Space has been testing the limits of the art gallery experience with everything from photography and audio/visual performances, to an installation of a partial skateboard park coming through the doors of the tiny space. Through this year-long exploration, the gallery has found that its identity lays ultimately in collaboration and the experimentation of interactive art and interdisciplinary projects.

ThreadMeOn | An Artistic Analogy

ThreadMeOn is a collaborative fashion and contemporary art project that explores the natural and intricate beauty of thread, reimagining this oft-overlooked medium beyond its traditional applications. Thread herein becomes the symbol of social cohesion as individual threads, through collaborative effort, are woven together into stronger and more substantial wholes.


From Montreal’s Marc-André Giguère’s artist standpoint, not only is art curating changing its definition or reason to be, but so are the arts. “The arts don’t have the same reason to be nowadays. We see it differently now. There was a time when artistic movements came one after the others and we would discover something new with each period of time. I think today isn’t so much about that anymore. It has mainly come down to styles.”


Noa Griffel delved into photography and digital imaging at an early age, receiving her BFA in Photography at the age of 17. During an internship at Atlantic Records, her talent was discovered by Lyor Cohen during his time as North American Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music for WMG. Noa now shoots for a variety music and fashion industry clients and her work has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine, Vogue China, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour UK, Tatler, Grazia and Elle. Noa also holds an MFA in Computer Art from The School of Visual Arts.


Expression being a fundamental human quality, it should come as no surprise many artists find a voice through graffiti. For Mediah, one of Toronto’s pioneer artists, his work is intended to have a spiritual aspect. “You’re supposed to feel it on the inside; it’s supposed to give something to you.” Experimenting with different mediums is what inspired his pseudonym. In his early work, he thought he could do graffiti with any medium, on any media.


“Researching and considering what people are making and what’s going on out in the world and putting together a thoughtful argument that tells a story, gives a certain point of view or suggests something by bringing together artists and works.” That’s Syrus Marcus Ware’s definition of curating. As a visual artist and community activist, the Torontonian was definitely interested in being an artist and went to school to study art history, grow his own practice and incorporate activism through his creative process.

Alice In Montreal

It’s around this time of year that my daily craving for iced coffee is replaced by a craving for a nice mug of tea. But just like McLuhan talked about the medium being the message, I think the vessel plays a big part in the beverage experience. Alice in Montreal is a small Montreal-based company that produces beautiful personalized mugs that are hand-painted with chalk porcelain paint. Whether you want to rep your country, city, or even neighbourhood, company owner Aurélia Turon-Lagot can make it happen.