Regimental Oneton | Categorically Speaking

We live in a society of labels. Consciously or not, many people wind up squashing their lives into digestible categories for the sake of ticking boxes in questionnaires, filling out social media profiles, or not ruffling the feathers of the rest of society. Society loves people who can aptly be described in one sentence. White collar or blue collar, Liberal or Conservative, omnivore or vegetarian, Canadians or Bruins fan. People can process this and move on. They’ve made up their mind about you, and whether or not they’d like to have a beer with you.

Immune, Ltd. | Team Werk

Immune, Ltd. is a multidisciplinary collective based out of Brighton, UK. Imagine a happy meal of illustration, motion design, hip hop, and Bukowskian grit. Co-founders and co-artists Gustav Balderdash and Bukioe talk about teaming up, the limits of labels, and the ups and downs of the art game.




Playing on the truth that there is always something hiding under the surface, London creatives Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier reversed the usual purpose of Photoshop by revealing reality, as they merged the digital and real worlds together.

Thomas Lamadieu | Sky Art

While we would be happy to look up at the sky and find only blue skies, French artist Thomas Lamadieu finds a whole new world. It may just seem like doodles drawn onto photos of the sky, but in this simple way, Lamadieu completely changes your view of the ordinary, filling in the empty space with whimsical characters.

Pablo Aracena | Graphic Difference

Pablo Aracena, a.k.a. Pax Arts, a Canadian of Chilean origin, came to Canada as a youth with his family in the late 1980s. Immersed in hip-hop music and culture as a kid, he would spend hours drawing graffiti sketches and characters. He pursued a degree in Art and Design, and eventually, his passion for graphic design combined with his interest in street wear. This led him to discover the medium of screen-printing and to create his own custom T-shirt line, Artcore Clothing.

Emmanuel Laflamme | Graphic Difference

Emmanuel Laflamme always wanted to make cartoons. When he couldn't get into an animation program because his grades were too low, he went into visual arts instead. Not happy there, he quit school and taught himself academic drawing and painting, and went on to study classic Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons.

Andreas Scheiger | Upcycle Fetish

We all know vintage cycling racing has its own niche market, which has been on the rise recently—think Rouleur magazine and Musette Caffe in Vancouver (yes, we just noticed the distinctly European feel)—and we may have just stumbled across our favourite within this said niche. Austrian artist Andreas Scheiger’s “Upcycle Fetish” project combines vintage racing and a love of upcycling scrap bike parts, with incredible and dynamic pieces of utility art.


We are in love with this local Vancouver street artist’s work so much that we couldn’t help but slot him into our Of The Month for Issue 90, even though we heard about him a while ago. iHeart, helped along a little by a small viral push by Banksy (the irony is certainly not lost considering his concentration on social media), has been leaving his inkings and etchings all over the city of Vancouver for quite some time and is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

The Art of Skate

Why does skate culture boast so many artists, and how does the skate world influence their art? Karyn Gray chats to three artists to talk about skate, art, and the relationship between the two.


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