BB Premiere "Drowning" Video

Sometimes underneath even the shiniest and brightest things there is a layer of darkness. There’s an initial rush after the first listen to the bold and muscular debut single, “Drowning,” by Vancouver’s BB, but upon digging in, the darkness starts to spring up. As lead singer Bella says, “The song is written and sung from the perspective of someone who is in a romantic relationship with an alcoholic who is abusive to their partner. The title of the track represents the feeling of emotionally drowning in the abuse and feeling like there is no way to 'breathe' and there is no hope of surviving, and incapsulates the process of doing so.” Recorded and mixed by Andrew Oswald of Marbeled Eye, with a video directed and edited by Bella and Meg from BB themselves, “Drowning” is a high-adrenaline blast that spreads the word that any kind of abuse is something that won’t be tolerated and that lets any victims out there know that they are never alone. 

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