Belle & Sebastian Release New Single

The thing about Belle & Sebastian is that they are consistently shit on by the ironic generation, and yet continue to put out top-tier music in their niche. By "niche" I mean that they are the most important musical group to a select few: those of us who were only about nine years old when Kurt died, and were twenty-four when emo was around, and nine-year-olds being super into grunge might be the only thing more unsettling than twenty-four-year-olds into emo. Belle & Sebastian are like the movie Amelie: both are easy to shit on if you like to take shots at things that make you feel anything. If you are one of these people, enjoy the fact that your heart shrivelled and fell off a long time ago. B&S' new single is a simple, string-plucking number off a soundtrack they did for an upcoming Simon Bird picture, and it's a calm moment to remember that there is still some beauty swirling around out there, if you haven't resigned to malaise and weaponized sarcasm in your life. 

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