BRONCHO Release Computer Magic Remix of "Boys Got To Go"

In the early part of this century, it used to actually be quite important for mid-level touring acts to have a vocalist whose voice not only matched with their own music, but with the sounds of all the potential remixers out there, so those acts could own the blogosphere and even perhaps the dingy club scene. Nowadays, gaining viral momentum has overwhelmingly replaced bloggers as a way to find popularity to the point where blog hits from the mid aughts are a retro theme in many venues across North America. BRONCHO might be the last act thriving under that sound and that model, especially with their latest remix. Frontman Ryan Lindsey has a voice that might suit any genre, in its pleading timbre and veiled earnestness. Their latest remix could be slipped into any one of those "nostalgia for the very recent past" events and nobody would know it wasn't from twelve years ago. Perhaps with the speed of culture at the tail end of this century, that's an acceptable time frame for wistfulness.

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