Calpurnia Releases New Song "Cell"

It seems like it’s a classic story. The young actor, who really wants to showcase his chops as a musician, puts out an album with their band and is completely lambasted for it. But for every Dogstar and Thirty Seconds To Mars, we do get treated to something like a Dead Man’s Bones or now Calpurnia. These teens could’ve been written off as the lark of young matinee idol Finn Wolfhard -- a group of kids posing as rock stars to feed the ego of the lead singer -- but this is definitely not the case. Not only are Calpurnia actually cool AF, they write really good songs. This tradition continues with the release of their new track and video for “Cell”. This is the band's (Oh, and this is definitely a band) first release since they put out their debut EP Scout and the song kicks! Produced with Cadien Lake James of Twin Peaks and co-producer R. Andrew Hymphrey, “Cell” really ups the ante on what should be expected from Calpurnia moving forward. It's a blast, chock full of hooks and features one of the most well-written bridges in recent memory. For everyone who wants to write this group off as only popular because of one of the member's auxiliary fame, please check out this track and it will definitely convince you otherwise.

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