Cherrie Laurel Releases New Material

Sometimes you wake up after having a dream that feels so real that you almost second guess yourself that it happened. The music of Cherrie Laurel, the pseudonym of multi instrumentalist, producer and singer Brittney Rand, occupies this space. Most of you may be familiar with Rand's former band, the danceable and ethereal Mu, and while the music of Cherrie Laurel may not be straying too far from that last project, Rand infuses her new work with an amazingly personal touch that everything becomes so very immediate. Her debut single, “Pleases Me”, off of the upcoming EP A Furnace, A Fire, is a hypnotic dance number that is so wonderfully hooky that it’ll burrow its way into your brain and make you question if you’ve actually dreamt it or not. The video, directed by Jordan Findlay, is a simple one shot of Rand dancing in a field, illuminated as if she exists just as an aura until the camera pans in, revealing the singer all nerves, shook and fragmented as if she has had no choice but to get this music out of her, revealing the ultimate catharsis. Its simplicity is only matched by its beauty and it ends the year with one more thing that you’ll need to add to your “Best Of” lists.

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