Christian Lee Hutson "Northsiders"

Ever feel like getting your heart kicked right out of your body? Well, Christian Lee Hutson has something for you. The singer/songwriter just recently released his new Phoebe Bridgers-produced single “Northsiders” and that should do the trick. Hutson is the quintessential songwriter, sharing stories that while may not be your exact story are endlessly relatable in emotion. Blending the wry humour of Louden Wainwright III, the beautiful tension of Elliot Smith and the calm ease of Iron & Wine, Hutson’s “Northsiders” tells the tale of a connection between two people that realistically evolves over time, and while it ends abruptly, Hutson carries on with a stoic determination that you know this connection will carry through the rest of his time. When Hutson sings, “Maybe that’s enough magic for me,” you may be inclined to believe that you will be seeing things through the rest of your time through a haze of bittersweet melancholy, one that rings so impossibly true that you wonder how you’ve never even noticed it like this before. 

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