Erasure Share New Single, "Love You To The Sky"

How can you be mean to a band like Erasure. They’re legends! Chains of Love… A Little Respect… and apparently they never stopped writing music? I think it’s important that we are all nice to these guys. Please correct me in the comment section if they have a shady record after so many years and don’t deserve the courtesy… I haven’t been keeping up.

This song and its lyric video on YouTube received just over 25,000 views in it’s first day up. Not a bad number considering so many Erasure fans didn’t grow up consuming music through internet streaming. Visibility isn’t the point though - it’s whether the song is worth a care and if we want to join them on their imminent world tour.

I’m going to dance around talking about the song itself as much as possible because I want you to route for this band. The longest they’ve gone without releasing an album since 1985 is four years. It’s got to be tough looking at the competition now. Who do you think they see as popular and cool in 2017. It’s got to be the cheesiest, highest rated, most unoriginal indie-rock-pop hybrid garbage smashing numbers in sales and views online. If they have managed to keep touring since the mid-80’s, they must see all these arena acts and think “that’s it - that’s what we have to do, but in our style. We’ll out indie-rock-pop the shit out of these teens!” So that’s exactly what we have here. A song that sounds like, based on numbers and not artistic merit, some of the most successful music of our day and age. 

It’s not up to me to tell you what that’s worth. Ratings are high for a reason, just as clichés are often loosely based on reality. Erasure's devotion to their legacy is something to celebrate, so let’s celebrate that. If you’re in the market for some new music and don’t know their origins, go buy Erasure's 1988 hit The Innocents. It’s an excellent record.

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