Escort Release First New Single In Three Years

This new single by disco revisionists, Escort, is wildly confusing. Back when the big thing in music was software-heavy nu-disco, discovered and downloaded from blogs, Escort were aping Paradise Garage-era disco music. Now that even the blandest cities in North America are doing weekly vinyl disco parties, Escort has gone and decided to make what sounds like a Miami Horror b-side from 2010. 

What's perhaps most frustrating about this is that the song, "Slide" isn't poorly written, it's just produced in that dead zone of between current and ten years ago; it's too new to be Y2k-era retro, but not new enough. It's difficult to maintain fandom in a musical news cycle of about ten seconds, so releasing material with three years in between usually means you have a Daft Punk-level fanbase. Escort have interest swirling around them when they launch a new song, but "Slide" needed to be far better for such a long wait. 

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