The Faint Release New Single, "Chameleon Nights"

Certain eras are so often defined by the music that comes out of those times that it’s hard not to think back on a time and be inundated by memories of the tracks that you had in heavy rotation. In the early to mid 2000s there wasn’t a place you could go and not hear the blaring sounds of the burgeoning electro punk movement. The sounds of clubs and retail stores were filled with bands that brought together 80s era synths with stabbing distorted guitars mixed with super dance-y drum beats. Bands like The Rapture and Bloc Party, Hot Chip and Omaha, Nebraska’s The Faint. Started by a group of skateboarding punk rockers and Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, The Faint were torch bearers of that 00s pre dark wave scene and just recently released their first new single in two years: “Chameleon Nights”. While not reinventing their sound, the band certainly does sound rejuvenated. With its sinister arpeggiated synth opening and grimy distorted vocals, “Chameleon Nights” feels a bit like a call to arms to today’s wonky politicized landscape. Even though they’ve been a band for the better part of twenty years, The Faint do not sound at all out of touch and will be playing the infamous Cloak & Dagger festivals in LA and Mexico City over the next couple months. With them sounding as they still do they won’t be out of place on the stage beside emerging bands such as Boy Harsher and Drab Majesty and established vets like She Wants Revenge and HEALTH. Halloween may be over but that shouldn't dissuade anyone from wanting to get a little dark, a little creepy and a little dance-y with this crew’s undeniable cold wave vibe.

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