Filthy Friends (R.E.M. & Sleater-Kinney) Release New Single

A few years ago I went to see a show in Seattle. The group I was with was running late and we ended up pulling into the parking lot beside The Showbox with moments to spare. I accidentally slammed the car door shut and caught the attention of a well-dressed mature man who was coming off one of the tour buses that were parked nearby. He looked up at me and I immediately recognized him as Peter Buck, guitar player from R.E.M. I nodded and he nodded back with a look on his face that was essentially, “Do I know this guy?” He didn’t, but there was no time to find out as I ran into the venue and proceeded to enjoy the show. I literally ran into Buck about five times that night, with each encounter getting somewhat warmer than the last, until a chance and vulnerable moment where we found ourselves beside each other at the urinals in the restroom and he started telling me about his day. He even said as he left that it was nice to see me again. Now, myself and Peter Buck had never met before that night and it was this slow, dawning familiarity that was projected upon myself that allowed him to open up. I feel like the same is true in regards to the new Peter Buck and Corin Tucker supergroup, Filthy Friends. The band’s sophomore album is set to drop on May 3rd via Kill Rock Stars, and because these two artists have written and performed with two of the most iconic acts of the last couple decades the sense of familiarity is outstanding. Their new single “Last Chance Country”, which came out a few days ago, features Tucker’s recognizable -- and powerful -- vocals mixed in with Buck’s ragged and wonderful guitar work, and backed up by a host of some of the other usual suspects -- Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch and drummer Linda Pitmon -- rounding out the line up. It’s fast, fun and, yes, familiar enough to make you feel comfortable enough striking up a conversation with it while you are at your most vulnerable. 

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