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The Graffiti Art Programming Inc. - also known as The Graffiti Gallery - is a one-of-a-kind non-profit community art center located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A space of creative cooperation, the gallery is dedicated to celebrating the many roles art plays in the lives of the surrounding communities. In a nutshell, the space offers emerging young artists an opportunity to show their work.

The Graffiti Gallery's story begins in the summer of 1998 when Steve Wilson and Pat Laz, two passionate individuals, meet for the first time. Just half a year later and following the massive success of their first ever graffiti style art exhibit, it was agreed that there was both an interest and a supportive consumer market for this style of art. In January of 1999, the gallery moved to its current location and in little to no time, The Graffiti Gallery held its grand opening. Over the years, by using art as a tool for community, social, economic and individual growth, more than 700 emerging artists working outside institutional expectations have performed or shown their work through the gallery.

Currently on show and running until February 10, 2017, is the introspective work of eight young Indigenous Winnipeg artists. Participating artists in the new Graffiti Gallery exhibition "ID" include Storm Angeconeb, Jessica Canard, Dakota Chambers-Hourie, Chad Crate, Misty Greyeyes, Teddy Head, René Marriott, and Chad Reeves.

For more information, you can contact Gallery AssistantSabrina Sethi at:

Graffiti Art Programming Inc. (GAP Inc. or The Graffiti Gallery)

109 Higgins Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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