Holiday Sidewinder Releases "Whispers"

The 1980s were a special, and often experimental time and that's what makes it so infuriating when the images and sounds of it get used in an anachronistic fashion or just as wallpaper. So often, the settings of that decade are utilized as a character in a television series rather than a proper backdrop. Shows like Amazon's Red Oaks are a good example of how to submerge into that era properly, using music that is appropriate for the characters and the geography, but also having those characters' conflicts be those that would happen at the time. This idea is also what makes Holiday Sidewinder's latest single "Whispers" such a treat. She doesn't use the influence of the 80s as a lazy wink. The song fully feels like a number from the MTV heyday, the difference maker being the lyrics. "Whispers" sounds like many futuresynth numbers of today, but the lyrical content is straight out of the Bangles' songbook. Holiday Sidewinder has proven herself with her last smash "Leo" that she can lyricize as well as anyone in music today, and that's what leaves her a cut above everyone else in her realm. 

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