J Mascis Does a Ripping Cover of Tom Petty

The dream of the 90s is still alive and thriving in some parts of the world. J Mascis has been making wonderfully grungy music with a heart of gold buried just below its noisy surface since that decade, but has also remained one of the most relevant musicians that has been recording and performing since that time, as his songs have seemingly gotten better. His band, Dinosaur Jr., has been going through a renaissance for the last half decade or so by putting out records that have surpassed their 90s output, and the man himself had just released one of the better records of last year, the wonky and heartbreaking Elastic Days. Today we are treated to a legend covering a legend with Mascis’s rendition of Tom Petty’s classic “Don’t Do Me Like That." Mascis has rendered Petty’s song in his typical fashion: noisy guitars, soothing vocals and one helluva ripping mid-song solo. It's a fitting tribute from one master to another and a very nice reminder that as much as things change, we will always have a few things that are comfortably, wonderfully the same.

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