Jens Lekman Shares Video For "How We Met, The Long Version"

Sweden’s pop music troubadour Jens Lekman has released the video for “How We Met, The Long Version” today off of his stellar new album Life Will See You Now. The clip features Lekman in all his blazered glory strumming his guitar while standing in front of a galaxy of stars. “How We Met, The Long Version” culminates with a romantic encounter Lekman experienced years earlier but instead of starting there he begins this story with the Big Bang, contextualizing this moment with the creation of life as we know it. Lekman describes this all as some kind of primordial dance party: “A conga line headed up on land/Out of the water/And into the frying pan”, he croons over the backdrop of disco strings and funky horns. It’s all good pithy fun and one that casts Lekman as a cross between Max Headroom and Jonathan Richman, which is something that should be well worth your time.

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