Jock Tears Release Self Titled Video

There's not a lot of things in the world that can compare to the feeling of seeing a cut of your band's brand new music video. For those of you who haven't experience this singular event, look no further than Jock Tears' new video for "Jock Tears". Buoyed by the absolutely charming Lauren Smith, the clip is essentially a video within a video. Director David Ehrenreich effortlessly comments on the ludicrous nature of this particular marketing tool all the while letting this tool do its job. Luckily for us this exercise doesn't end up a tedious exploration on the promotional essence of the music business, instead it's fresh, colourful and oozes charisma just like Jock Tears themselves. Plus, it's always endlessly entertaining to listen to Lauren Smith talk about second hand pharmaceuticals for any amount of time. 

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