Ladytron Release New Single in Advance of February Album

It's been a long time for Ladytron. So long, in fact, that likely none of you readers remember the time we had them DJ an ION anniversary party, around twelve to thirteen years ago. We should really congratulate and appreciate any act that not only made it out of the summer of electroclash with their careers (and septums) intact, due to the genre being one of the first to be born and die in the same year. Their newest single, "Far From Home" is actually a return to the Berlin (the band, not the city) sound they made their primary inroads with. Honestly, perhaps it's time for this flimsy 80s pastiche glamour to return to music. If the rule about hip/nightclub music is "New shit, old shit, but not new-ish old-ish shit" then anything from eight years and earlier is fair game at this point. Just don't put on an Avenue D 12" and assume it'll kick start your asymmetrical hairdo back into style. 

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