Little Dragon Debut "Lover Chanting"

Video games are an isolating endeavour, especially the ones of the RPG variety. Players are essentially living another life online, one steeped in elaborate costuming, dense mythology and, often, grand adventure. These games don't usually mix well with dance parties, but Little Dragon seems to want to change that. The Gothenburg-based disco pop outfit have just released the new video for the single "Lover Chanting" and it's a charmer. Set within a fantasy based video game being played by an enthusiastic young girl, the clip is a bold and buttery delight. Soundtracked to the band's smoothed out groove, "Lover Chanting" is an eye-popping, toe-tapping, can't wipe the grin off your face way to spend some of the time when you aren't involved in a life or death virtual mission. Little Dragon's new self-titled EP drops on November 9th and may possibly start a new post Halloween costume party renaissance. 

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