M83 Release "Karl"

The term “cinematic” gets thrown around when people are describing certain bands or artists, but if there is one this term totally rings true with it’s Anthony Gonzalez AKA M83. Gonzalez made his name releasing the wonderful 2008 album Saturdays = Youth, which could’ve been the long lost soundtrack to any John Hughes movie, and has since tackled actual film scores. Today sees the release of the single “Karl” from the film Knife + Heart, which was completely scored by the French electronic producer. Directed by Yann Gonzalez, Anthony’s brother, and featuring original M83 band member Nicolas Fromageau, “Karl” is a dense and hypnotic affair that builds from a sincere and contemplative piano opening that surges, with the help of some bubbling synths, into a fully-formed orchestral piece featuring some wonderfully eerie choral arrangements that will fully set the tone for Knife + Heart’s 1970s noir-tinged Parisian setting. Take a listen and deep dive into the piece, which will be released digitally in March via Mute Records. 

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