Meltt Release Video for "Love Again"

Can love last forever? It’s a big question and one that everyone had wrestled with at least once in their lives. If there was a way to make it last for sure, would that be something that you would interest you? Vancouver’s ethereal pop act Mellt has decided to take this question head on with their latest single, “Love Again”, off their upcoming debut album due this fall via Light Organ Records. The track is a wistful, breezy number bubbling with soft synths and a head bopping beat all tied together with a soft yet strong lead vocal performance. The accompanying video is a perfect companion to the song. Shades of Eternal Sunshine and Her, the clip takes us on a journey with three different couples who are trying to rekindle their romance through some extreme measures. It’s a poignant, bittersweet look at modern love and one that will dig a little into your psyche just as the song burrows its way into your ears.

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