New Single from DC-Area Group, Ex Hex

Washington, D.C. may effectively be shut down at the moment, but lucky for us one thing that hails from America’s capital that remains open for business is the wonderful and mighty Ex Hex. The gritty three piece, made up of members of Helium, Wild Flag and Bat Fang, who lovingly refer to their music as something “your older brothers and babysitters used to listen to” are back with a new album, It’s Real, the band's first since 2014’s Rips. It shows the band letting go of some of the noisier aspects of that last record and embracing a cleaner aesthetic. While they’ve thrown in some nicely layered harmonies, a shinier guitar tone and an overall less cluttered production, they are still absolutely rocking out. The album drops everywhere March 22nd via Merge and it’ll be exciting to see what happens in 10 years when all the teenagers who hear it now start their own projects. Your older brothers' and babysitters' music is about to make a big comeback! 

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