Old Man Canyon Releases New Single

Vancouver has the sneakiest music scene in North America. In Canada, Toronto is the centre of the musical universe and the consensus, worldwide, seems to be that anything else of value can only be found in LA or New York. Known as a city that is extremely hard to create art in, it seems that the talented musicians in Vancouver, if they are able to stick with it, create some of the best and brightest music that’s available anywhere. Case in point, Old Man Canyon. While the moniker evokes some kind of a Tallest Man On Earth type folk vibe, Old Man Canyon actually owe more to the psych-y vibes of bands like Tame Impala and Homeshake. With its soft focus haze, the new single, “Run Away”, off of the band's sophomore album, A Grand Facade, should establish Old Man Canyon as heirs to the Desert Daze pop throne. It's breezy and goes down so easy. The album was released just last week, and we should thank it for helping keep a little bit of sun out during the grey and wet Vancouver winter.

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