The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Share New Single, "My Only"

Being a fan of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart is not unlike being a Belle & Sebastian or Smiths fan. It's a twee obsession, where you want to take every song and melody and lyric and stuff them in a rose-scented box that you hide under your bed, avoiding any of the cultish cliches that come along with being a fancier of acts like the Grateful Dead or Steely Dan. It's a personal obsession that isn't inward-looking in any sort of naval gazing way, or shameful, but rather often a peg in your past, your growing up, and your relationships. 

Despite lineup changes, frontman Kip's newfound fatherhood, and movement towards higher production and less guitars, Pains still sow a meadow of whimsy that is worth running through, especially in the tail end of summer. Their latest single "My Only" is another acre in the landscape of a band that many, many people hope never stop making records.

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