Revered Just Released 2nd Full-Length Album

Emmett Hall is a busy guy. You’ve probably seen him onstage around Vancouver as the musical director for award-winning improv group The Sunday Service, on his own performing at various comedy events, or even possibly with his band, the electric and eclectic Revered. The trio, consisting of Hall, producer Pietro Sammarco and guitarist Ken Lawson, just unleashed their sophomore album With Some Amusement yesterday, June 3rd, and recently released the video for lead single “Grey In The Face” as well. The track is a synth dance orgy, at times full of colour and joy, but always with a sinister sense of humour just bubbling up through the entire proceedings. The song definitely showcases Hall’s wry sense of humour and his proficient musical chops. To say this is a novelty of a song, though, does not do the track justice. It’s the work of a singular vision, one that is made up of many facets, all of which are on display here. Check it out and get inspired to dance yourself dead. 


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