Review: Prozzäk - Forever 1999

In the realm of bands that are not British but choose to sing like the Brits do, my list of acceptable candidates begins and ends with Guided by Voices (in Britain they call liars "lorries"). Just because Canada is part of the commonwealth doesn't mean that you get away with this. "Love Me Tinder" is a real song title as well as the first single off of Forever 1999. This is problematic. All of these songs seem like they're supposed to be firmly tongue in cheek joke songs rooted, as the title states, in a late 90's vibe but it leans closer to a batch of songs that an early 40's cartoon character that drugged themselves stupid through the dying of a rave era would make to appear hip and "with it" to their stepchild; Eurotrash dance tracks through a Canadian lense. It may seem senseless to complain about a throwback cartoon band but this is why pencils have erasers.

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