Sam Tudor "Joseph In The Bathroom" Video

It seems that no matter what your background, most people seem to have a universal experience when it comes to what it was like for them in high school. Sam Tudor isn’t exempt from this. His new song and video for “Joseph In The Bathroom,” off his wonderful album Quotidian Dream, details just this. The last in a trilogy of videos conceived and directed by Tudor’s collaborator Lucas Hrubizna, it's an affecting look at the emotions felt during this turbulent time in every teen’s life. Filmed at Tudor’s actual high school in William’s Lake, through a series of surreal and highly emotionally charged scenes, two teenagers are shown to struggle with being on the outside of popular social circles and how those feelings can cause detachment. Tudor says the song was written to acknowledge and in some ways to apologize to old friends who he feels he had abandoned in favour of a more popular social circle. The eerie stillness that the clip imbues is a staple of Tudor and Hrubizna’s work and it’s a very impressive look, not only into the themes of loneliness and regret, but also into these two young artists' output, which shows a maturity above and beyond both their years.

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