Sebadoh's New Video "Stunned" Delights Ahead of Upcoming Album

While there have been countless reunion tours -- welcome and unwelcome -- over the last decade, there are still some bands from long long ago that are managing to create vital new work. It’s been six years since their last release but one of these bands is 90s fuzz rockers Sebadoh. The brainchild of Jason Lowenstein, Lou Barlow and Bob D’Amico is set to release a new album, Act Surprised, on May 24th and it’s shaping up to be one of the funnest spring releases. The new video for the record’s sophomore single, “stunned”, is a bit of a throwback in terms of how it looks, all wacky green-screened shenanigans and low-fi camera work, but to say the song lacks any relevance is completely incorrect. It’s a sharp two and half minute blast of pure rock n' roll that will hopefully find its way in today’s musical landscape while simultaneously triggering late night “Wedge” flashbacks for all the 90s kids who stayed home of Friday nights. 

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