Song of the Day | Chastity Belt "Different Now"

Today Walla Walla Washington’s Chastity Belt offer up their brand new single, “Different Now” ahead of the June 2nd release of their third album, and second for Hardly Art, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone.  All breezy, shimmering guitar over a languidly jaunty rhythm, “Different Now” isn’t so much of a departure from what we’ve come to expect from the four piece but it acts as a definitive statement that the band have mastered the tools they have been working with since the independent release of their debut album No Regrets in 2013. It is a more reflective and uncluttered version of Chastity Belt than we’ve heard before, which speaks volumes considering this was recorded live off the floor with producer Matthew Simms in Portland, but one that still manages to retain the youthful vibrancy that have been one of the bands trademarks.

The video acts as a perfect primer for the song. It is equally introspective, we see the band exploring a beach on a typical grey and blustery Pacific Northwestern day, and then funny, when the whole thing turns into a cheeky homage to the hilariously classic video for “Hunger Strike” by legendary 90s Seattle mash up band Temple Of The Dog. “Different Now” is a wonderful next step for Chastity Belt. It builds on what has come before while showing that the band isn’t afraid of exploring new territory. This all makes the June release of I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone feel excruciatingly far away.

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