UK Electronic Duo TENDER Release New Track

There are those moments when you are lying in bed and your mind has decided that it is not going to shut off. All you wish is to quietly drift off to sleep but your brain has decided the opposite. UK dance production team TENDER has taken that mostly universal experience, and crafted a soundtrack to it. Their new album, Fear Of Falling Asleep, was written about those moments when the body and the brain are locked in this seemingly eternal struggle. The album drops on January 18th via Partisan Records and Culvert Music, but TENDER has released the new single “Closer Still” for you to enjoy in the meantime. This isn’t the type of music that you can use in lieu of Sleepytime Tea, especially with its bouncing and bobbing bass line that buoys the track. The fellas of TENDER certainly seem to know their way around a hooky vocal melody and even though the song was inspired by middle of the night panic, it should help you forget about your midnight woes and instinctively start tapping your toes. 

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