Wild Nothing Shares New Single "Blue Wings"

There are certain artists that seem to have the ability to channel certain eras and production techniques within their music. One very recognizable era in popular music is the 1980s. We’ve seen a bit of a renaissance over the last few years with television shows and movies rehashing some popular songs of that time. One artist who seems to have been able to really grab onto these elements is Virginia-based Jack Tatum AKA Wild Nothing. Last year he released a pitch-perfect homage to that decade with his album Indigo, and now he is back with a standalone single that was almost included on that record called “Blue Wings”. The track brings together so many great elements of that long ago time. “A Forest” Cure-esque bass line, a ringing guitar that echoes all the elements that have made Johnny Marr an icon, and a floating vocal line that hits you in the same way Bryan Ferry’s used to. The track isn’t just cosplay. Even though it has these familiar ingredients listed above, it is still very much its own thing. Tatum may be looking to the past for his inspiration but the work he is putting out contains a very much relevant emotional core that easily transcends any specific era. 

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