Yelle Share Two New Remixes

It's a classic story: Boy meets Musician. Boy listens to Musician's music. Boy necks a bottle of prosecco and gets his tits out to Musician's music at an after-hours he stupidly paid too much to get into. Boy hears remix of Musician's song. Boy gets sad.

I wouldn't say that I'm capital-S sad about these remixes for YELLE's OMG!!!, but they've confirmed what we know for 93% of remixes released into the wild -- the original doesn't need to be fucked with.

As an admitted YELLE fan, I've been keeping an ear to the tracks they've released leading up to an anticipated fourth EP. Our remix contenders, Safetalk and Mila Dietrich take a pass at OMG!!! and after drowning myself in them for two days, I can confidently say they don't suck. I wasn't too keen on listening to Safetalk's remix after reading their video synopsis:

It’s a chill remix with a numbing video. The sun is so heavy that it deletes the faces, on the beach of Anglet, in the South East of France. Wait, is it the sun or the society?

Oh, wHat'S thAt In ThE SkY??? Is it a GREY CLOUD? A hobbyist drone shooting another boring time lapse? Non non non! Get out your tinfoil hats because it's SOCIETY, and its back to rear its withered, aetherous face and snatch your beachy tote-bags with its neon claws!

For a remix that I'll only be able to listen to while I subject myself to sun poisoning on the lido deck -- or in a dark room after the after-hours -- they really tried to layer on a message, hey?

Conversely, Mila Dietrich knows your horny and wants to keep you horny. The video is a wild Goldeneye-cum-Hamsterdance tribute and has completely relaxed my position on the 2000s cyberqueer revival. It's got bounce, it's pep. Throw in some style and grace, and it's Miss United States.

But robot flourishes and electric wanks aren't enough for me to salute the flag at this Remembrance Rave. No, it's as I said, the original is excellent. The original paid my phone bill. The original lifted me up so there was only one set of footprints in the sand. In fact, it was the original track of OMG!!! that grew the tits I was destined to get out. If you have the opportunity to see YELLE on any of their upcoming North American tour dates, I highly recommend going and following this exact ritual:

Eat a solid, healthy meal by 6pm

  • Buy three bottles of prosecco
  • Go to a friend's place before the show to shoot the shit and sip on one bottle of prosecco
  • Realize you're running late and haven't arranged for a taxi/Uber/Lyft
  • Neck one of the remaining bottles of prosecco
  • Change your button-up shirt, which is easily torn apart at the height of mania, and put on a one-piece t-shirt
  • Enjoy the horned up machinations of attractive, glittering French people 
  • Buy me a drink when you see me at the bar


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