YEP Debuts New Video

Vancouver’s music scene is awash with delightful little secrets, secrets that hopefully won’t remain that way for too much longer. One of these delights is spazzy art rock band YEP. YEP channels the wonderful space between Deerhoof and Balitmore’s dearly departed Ponytail, and is sprinkled with some DEVO for good measure. Their new single “Sport” is a extremely good example of this and the recent video is a great companion to the song. Directed by Flavourcel Animation Collective, “Sport” is a psychedelic journey into the high stakes world of road bike racing. It's a beautiful partly animated and partly live action endeavour that showcases some amazing local talent in front of and behind the camera. The band’s new SPORT EP just dropped on April 14th via Montreal’s Cuchabata Records and coincided with the release party the day before at Red Gate with other awesome locals Devours and Jock Tears. Dig into the track’s video and prepare yourself for the ultimate dance party. 

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