With her angelic features and engaging, unassuming manner, Grimes makes a unique nu-music powerhouse. Our Editor-in-Chief Aleeza Khan thinks she's the coolest person, probably ever.


Armed with tightly wound, two minute tracks, somewhere in the borderlands straddling lo-fi garage rock and eighties-doused indie pop, resides Literature.

Los Campesinos!

If you like catchy, layered, multi-instrumental indie pop of the British accent variety, then Los Campesinos! may well be your bag. If you aren't familiar with then already, you will be soon.

Gay Nineties

The last time I’d heard The Gay Nineties play, it was February in a shitty little makeshift jam space, somewhere in butt-fuck nowhere East Vancouver bordering on Burnaby.

Caitlin Rose

When you’re a touring musician, you have to accept that some nights are going to be worse than others. Such was the case for Caitlin Rose and her band when they showed up in Vancouver on Oct. 8 on tour with Americana icon, Justin Townes Earle, at the Rio Theatre.



A film can tell a story effectively because of its use of audio and visuals. For a musician to pull off a work that fully emotes that of the silver screen, the artist must connect to its audience based on the quality of the journey.

Shimmering Stars

For years now Vancouver (and the surrounding areas of British Columbia) has been a bit of a melting pot in the Canadian musical landscape. Countless bands rehearse, record and perform in the venues in the region and every so often one of them gains popularity and they stretch beyond the “friends and family in attendance” vibe at shows.


The music created by the endearing female members of Razika could be no further from the dark sounds of metal from their homeland. Their snappy, breezy, classic pop tunes are as fresh and pure as the youthful faces of the band members who have succeeded in reaching a global audience with their melodies at the tender age of 20.

Hanni El Khatib

During one of several opening shows for Florence and the Machine last year, Hanni El Khatib shared a revealing moment with his drummer.“I looked back at him and was like, ‘What the fuck are we doing here?’” says El Khatib over the phone, sounding a little weary from a video shoot and celebration the night before.