Louise Burns

Everything about Louise Burns is polarizing.

No Gold

There’s no gold in Fort Knox. I read it. I read it in some book about conspiracy theories… I think Mel Gibson wrote it.


The story behind the relatively new retro-pop outfit, Tennis, may be charming, but don’t call them a buzz-band.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

A Sunny Day In Glasgow are a dream pop band from Philadelphia and their most recent album, Ashes Grammar, is 1000% brilliant.

The New Pornographers

Carl Newman has found himself in quite the compromising position, yet one that he is inadvertently pleased about.

Shout Out Louds

It’s nighttime in Brooklyn and Ted Malmros and Eric Edman, the bassist and drummer for the Swedish pop-rock band The Shout Out Louds, are going to work.


Somewhere among the rain-filled streets of Vancouver is a neighbourhood called Main Street and within this “hood” is a light blue panelled house with a tire swing out front, just like the one in The Wizard of Oz.

Junior Major

Junior Major were a garage-y, poppy, punk-ish band from Vancouver.

Sun Wizard

Vancouver used to suffer from a small town complex. For a city of its size, it always felt kind of insular, isolated, even low key. You’d see the same people every day, there’d be little or no hustle and bustle downtown, the night life was always shitty and the music scene was so underground and cliquey it almost
seemed covert.

Sondre Lerche

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Norway. With its abundant natural resources, one of the world’s highest standards of living, universal health care and subsidized university education, Norway is a bit like Canada’s smarter, more attractive, Scandinavian cousin. We know that if we just hit the gym a little bit more, maybe learned a new language or two, we might be interesting and popular like Norway—heck, maybe we’d even get to pick a Nobel Prize winner—but we don’t and we resent them for their accomplishments.


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