A Sunny Day In Glasgow

A Sunny Day In Glasgow are a dream pop band from Philadelphia and their most recent album, Ashes Grammar, is 1000% brilliant.

Festival De Musique Émergente

Have you ever been to Quebec? No, Quebec. No not Montreal, Quebec. La Belle Province; home of poutine, Guy Lafleur’s disco album, and Mitsou. Well I have and God bless those Libertarian princes and princesses. They take the government’s money and give them none. Heck, I would vote for the Bloc if only they had representatives here in British Columbia. They are the special people of this country and they deserve every grant they get. So there’s really no turning down a chance to cover a festival in remote Rouyn-Noranda when it’s offered to you.

Die Antwoord

n the cover this month are Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord. This high energy, rave rap outfit from South Africa caused the internet to explode back in February when two videos they made, “Zef Side” and “Enter The Ninja,” spread like tuberculosis.

Black Tambourine

The Maryland foursome of Mike, Brian, Archie and Pam known as Black Tambourine are the The Velvet Underground of fuzzy noise pop; not everybody bought their records but everyone who did formed a band.

The New Pornographers

Carl Newman has found himself in quite the compromising position, yet one that he is inadvertently pleased about.

Eugene Hütz

and Gogol Bordello. Originally hailing from a small town near Kiev, Eugene fled Ukraine after learning of the Chernobyl disaster just up river from his home. After six years spent in refugee camps throughout Eastern Europe, he arrived in the U.S. as a political refugee.


The scene reads like a seventies slasher flick.

Shout Out Louds

It’s nighttime in Brooklyn and Ted Malmros and Eric Edman, the bassist and drummer for the Swedish pop-rock band The Shout Out Louds, are going to work.


Being in a young, up-and-coming band, it’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll find yourself playing some pretty interesting and unlikely locations.


Feverishly trying to catch up with a tour schedule, driving a Subaru through a “horrible blizzardy mess” in Pennsylvania is probably the most representative setting to catch up with Minneapolis’ two-piece Lookbook.


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