The plight of the side player is a precarious one. If you're really good, you'll spend the majority of your career playing with a number of different bands and artists. Just giving enough of yourself creatively to the project that the leader allows. This can be woefully unfulfilling. For a guy like Elliott Langford, all the experiences he cultivated with such bands like SSRIs and Sprïng have built to a point where he thought he should branch out on his own. Branch out he did with his new project Freak Dream.

Raveonettes' Guru Sune Rose Releases Solo Single

Even though the middle class of music is dissolving, some days its warmth drifts through your window, and often those are days where Sune Rose Wagner releases new material. Although grouped in with so many "The" bands of the early aughts, his work with Sharin Foo under the Raveonettes moniker always feels like it will become transcendent representation from their chosen era. 

White Punks on Hate: Fear’s “I Love Livin’ in the City”

Like so many bands from the punk era, Fear always felt just a tad out of place. Although frontman Lee Ving’s right-wing politics never really jived with the movement’s more progressive aims, like a SoCal Johnny Ramone he eagerly rode the punk wave and earned a considerable degree of musical notoriety in the early ‘80s, as well as a modest acting career that landed him roles in films like Clue and Streets of Fire.


A couple years ago a mysterious new figure appeared on the Vancouver music scene. As if out of nowhere, this being -- all sharp, dark bangs, glowing skin and one of the most amazing boot collections you’ve ever seen -- was up on stages impressing the locals with their brand of pop music that seemingly channeled the past and the future simultaneously. This mystery person is Art d’Ecco. Since those initial shows d’Ecco has written and recorded a new album called Trespasser, which will be released to the world October 12th through Paper Bag Records.


While the growing legend of Orville Peck says he's laid his hat down all over North America,  it's a solid fact that Gabriola Island, British Columbia, holds a special place in the mysteriously-masked country crooner's 10-gallon heart. It's here at this coastal locale—specifically at the Noise Floor Recording Studio—where the baritone-voiced enigma cut his first two romantic, reverb-popping singles , "Big Sky" and "Dead of Night", in 2017.

Harlequin Gold Release New Single

Summer is quickly coming to a close but Harelquin Gold aren’t going to let it leave without sending us one more blast of sunshine. Earlier this year the wonderful Vancouver-based sister duo Elle and Avery O’Brien dropped the ultimate piece of ear candy with the single “Without You Now” and now they are back with the track “Youth”. While not as immediate as its predecessor, “Youth” is a charming chiming slow burn that highlights the sisters pitch perfect harmonies and solid songwriting chops.

Zolas Release New Single "Bombs Away"

Oh Vancouver, we love you but you’re bringing us down. Skyrocketing housing prices and a super competitive job market frame this gorgeous city that, try as hard as we might, can’t seem to sustain any cultural identity but that just might be because of all the renovictions going on. The Zolas tackle this all with their rollicking new single “Bombs Away”, the band's first since 2016.

BRONCHO Release Two Songs In One Video

It's been a whole Olympic cycle since Tulsa's BRONCHO made a splash by soundtracking the unexpectedly emotional ad for Tinder Plus, and this past week they put in a massive effort in the video(s) for "Sandman" and "Boys Got To Go". The latter of the two has a firm grip on the beat and tempo of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, but it's the former that showcases the talent BRONCHO have over everyone else; they know how to boogie.

Kandle Releases New Video

Modern love. How do you tread the landscape of trying to establish a connection with anyone through countless apps, a steady and scrolling plethora of options and the knowledge that maybe there’s really not one person out there for everyone? It’s enough to make you want to take off to the middle of nowhere, move into a tiny pink trailer and cultivate your very own ‘Lars and The Real Girl” type situation. In the new video for Kandle’s “Broken Boys” our heroine does just that.

J Mascis Shares Debut Single From New Album

Over the last thirty odd years there hasn’t been a much more consistent outfit than Dinosaur Jr. Fans of the band have always known what to expect, the best kind of bittersweet melodies mixed with epic guitar solos that haven’t sounded this good since, well, ever really. The band has released ten studio albums and now lead singer/shredder J Mascis has announced his third solo outing, Elastic Days, which is available everywhere November 9th via Sub Pop records.