The Charm Offensive Premiere Video for "Eventualities"

Vancouver’s latest pop sensations The Charm Offensive have been revving up the promotion of their debut EP Polite Mouth/Honest Hands and today dropped the video for the single “Eventualities”.  Directed by Ash Middleton, the clip features a couple of handsome greasers as they make their way into the forest for a surreal and nightmarish adventure that, spoiler alert, doesn’t end well for our chiseled stars.

Seaborne Release Their First Ever French Language Single, "Hypnotise"

Seaborne are getting better and better with their rapid fire release of singles over the past year. Jumping between Vancouver and Montreal during that period, the group has released their first French language single, "Hypnotise". 

Slowdive Present New Video

It’s unheard of for a band to break up and then twenty-two years after their last album, record a follow up that is worthy of the long wait in between. Reading UK based Slowdive did just that this year when they released their long overdue fourth, self-titled album. Now with the band preparing to launch their North American tour, starting in Vancouver, they have also graced us with a Grant Singer directed video for the single, “Don’t Know Why”.

The Glorious Sons want you to rock out like it's 2017, 'cause it is.

Sometimes it’s good to know when to quit, or give in, and that’s exactly what The Glorious Sons’ principal songwriter and lead singer Brett Emmons did after attempting to make music on his own.

Hear First Song from New Record by The Go! Team

On January 19th, 2018, Brighton, UK based The Go Team is set to release Semicircle, their first record in three years. To get you ready for this we have just been treated to that albums first single, an absolutely sunny, exuberant shot of pure joy called “Semicircle Song”. Recorded with the Detroit Youth Choir, “Semicircle Song”, is something completely unique and uniquely The Go Team.

Belle and Sebastian Release New Song!

Belle and Sebastian seem to be in the middle of a renaissance. The Glaswegian band just announced that they are releasing a series of EPs, under the name How To Solve Our Human Problems, on December 8th, January 18th and February 16th.

Listen to No Age's Latest Single

The world’s been on a real downward slide the last few years. Now, at what seems to be peak terrible, LA’s No Age have returned from a long absence to share a little bit of light. On January 26th the two-piece release their brand new album, Snares Like A Haircut, and today have dropped the first taste of the record with the single, “Soft Collar Fad”.

Roger Waters' Radio K.A.O.S.: A Compelling Misfire

Roger Waters can’t seem to roll out of bed without it becoming a concept album. The former Pink Floyd frontman certainly has a knack for transforming his pie in the sky fantasies into cold, hard slabs of rock reality designed to challenge his audience, even when the music itself leaves something to be desired.

The Coathangers Share New Video for "Drifter"

The Atlanta, Georgia music scene seems to foster the type of bands that have the ability to blend a punk rock and garage aesthetic with a southern twang. Cow punk this is not, but something more real, more exciting, something that has the potential to eclipse genre with each album these acts produce. No one represents this more than The Coathangers. The band has been putting out records for nearly a decade now, all the while spending that much time on the road honing their skills.

Hear Tough Age's "Picquant Frieze"

It’s been a couple years since Tough Age released their last album, I Get The Feeling Central, and in that time the band has gone through a lot of changes. Jarrett Samson and Penny Clark packed their bags and moved across the country from Vancouver to Toronto and the band itself has scaled back from a four-piece to a power trio with the addition of drummer Jesse Locke and Clark taking over bass duties. What hasn’t changed for Tough Age is their ability to write perfect songs.


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