ION Premiere: Gemology - "Come Around"

Joanie Wolkoff is a plucky musician. Her varied and constant creative output should be studied for a pamphlet on how to be an artist. Living in New York City after defecting from Toronto, and still maintaining a life, a passion, and putting out song after song of warm creations a listener just wants to curl up in until Labour Day, is pretty much impossible, even in a half-decent musical climate, of which we are certainly not in.

All You Zombies: The Hooters Go a-Bible-Thumping

The pride of Philly, the City of Brotherly Love’s own The Hooters were met with disdain from Sir Bob Geldof when they opened the Philadelphia portion of 1985’s Live Aid concert, his “global jukebox” organized to fight the ongoing Ethiopian famine.

Black Mirror-Like "Little Destroyer" Video Is Perfection

Little Destroyer has this great ability to write danceable pop hits that are tempered with a healthy dose of melancholy. Their new track, and namesake, “Little Destroyer” puts this talent on display in the best possible way. A few weeks ago, the Vancouver based trio release the video for said track and it is a perfect visual accompaniment to the song. Directed by Connor McGuire, with the concept by himself and the band, the clip plays out like a scaled down Black Mirror episode.

Petra Glynt's "This You Need" Off Of 'This Trip' Is A Trip

A lot of press has been given to multimedia artist Petra Glynt’s recent issues while embarking on a European tour a couple of months ago. The Montreal based musician was refused entry into the U.K. and detained for over 50 hours, some of which was partially in a high security immigration refusal center. Hopefully some of the writing that has been devoted to this unfortunate incident has also inspired curious readers to search out some of Glynt’s recent output.

The Luciani Code: The Fall’s Anti-Vatican Masterpiece

Before the likes of Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, ham-and-eggers depended on working-class blokes like legendary Fall frontman Mark E. Smith for their daily dose of paranoid Christian pseudo-history.

Frankie Cosmos Release New Track "Jesse" Off Of Upcoming New Album

Frankie Cosmos, the band fronted by indie pop savant Greta Kline, have just announced the March 30th release of their new album and Sub Pop debut, Vessels. To celebrate the announcement the band has also released this records first single and video for the track “Jesse”. If you’ve been a follower of Frankie Cosmos throughout their very prolific career, you’ll notice that not a lot of things have changed since their decision to sign with the mighty Pacific Northwestern based label.

Music Profile | METZ

This past fall has seen Toronto trio METZ flash-frying audiences around North America and Europe with the brutally percussive, noise-pop sounds of their recently released third album, Strange Peace, but when ION calls up frontman Alex Edkins for a chat, he's back at home on a brief reprieve from road life. While he notes that he was working on an as-of-yet unannounced remix for a "psychedelic" band from the U.S.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release New Song, Album Out in January

Time to break out your leather jacket, it’s time for a new Black Leather Motorcycle Club record. In lieu of the bands release of their eighth studio album, Wrong Creatures in January, the band has treated fans to the release of that records fourth single, “King Of Bones”.

Blue J Debut First Song

Fans of Vancouver’s music scene may know Justice McLellan from his work spearheading the electro pop sounds of Mesa Luna, but McLellan has now branched out into something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from his other band with the beautifully plaintive Blue J. Whereas Mesa Luna would submerse you with their electronic collage, Blue J chooses to casually invite you into their all organic world. Their debut track, “Early Show”, kicks this off with an organ drone that gives way into a gently strummed melancholic guitar.


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