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Wild Nothing Release New Single

The January blahs are a real thing. The new year starts and with the holidays behind us there doesn’t seem like a lot to look forward too except hibernating in your home, waiting out the dreary weather. Cue Jack Tatum AKA Wild Nothing to soundtrack your winter sleep. The Richmond, Virginia based purveyor of dream pop has just announced his follow up EP, Laughing Gas, to last years magnificent full length Indigo and it promises to be the perfect compliment to the doldrums of the year.

Matt Sharp and the Rentals Share First Single from New Records

There is something to be said, even after all these years, that the best part of Weezer's seminal first and second records was the presence of then bass player and vocalist Matt Sharp. When Sharp left the band after the recording of Pinkerton, the band lost some of that uniqueness he brought to the proceedings. Shortly after his departure, Sharp released a little record called The Return Of The Rentals.

HAIM Release Video for "Hallelujah"

Haim have been crafting some of the more wonderful and diverse pop music of the last few years. They’ve jumped from shuffle-ly dance pop to Lauren Canyon flower children folk to 90s style alt rock, and sometimes within the same song. Alana, Este and Danielle Haim each represent one piece of a perfect triangle, each bringing something unique to the band that defines it as a whole. You can’t really pinpoint exactly what Haim is musically so the best option to use as a descriptor is often family. Their new single, “Hallelujah,” is about this.

Best Coast Release New Single

As we all settle into the gloomy season, it's nice when a little ray of sunshine pops in to warm us all up. One of these respites from the grey is coming in the form of a new single and video from LA based duo Best Coast. The band, consisting of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, has returned just in time to remind us that there is some hope to feel warmer during the winter months.

Tennis Release New Single, Album Out On St. Valentine's Day

It's such a pleasure, and perhaps a relief, to know that Tennis are still going strong. That's not to doubt their commitment to quality output, but even the most uninitiated music fan knows by know how hard it is to carve out a career as a mid-level act. Tennis have been holding down a smooth and polite sound for what will be five full-lengths come February, which has them in a unique position as a reliable new-sounding band, but veteran enough to be influential. Listen/watch "Runner" and enjoy a tune that could be a mixtape staple in any decade. 

Bootblacks vs. Perfect Strangers

Depending on how old you are, certain cities around the world have a certain appeal. If you were a wide-eyed, impressionable kid in the 80s and then 90s then we would wager that the first time you saw anything outside your immediate world was compliments of a television sitcom-- whether it was New York City through your weekly dose of Friends and Seinfeld or going back a bit further to Chicago of the 80s via Married With Children or more specifically Perfect Strangers. 

The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli & Son Star In Holy Ghost!'s "Heaven Knows What" Video

The theme of regret that comes with age is pretty common for artists as they themselves get older, and now Holy Ghost! tackle that theme head on with their new video for single “Heaven Knows What” from their latest album, Work. With the help of Sopranos star, and writer and director in his own right, Micheal Imperioli, and his son, Vadim, the video looks back at one man’s relationship with his younger self.

BRONCHO Release Computer Magic Remix of "Boys Got To Go"

In the early part of this century, it used to actually be quite important for mid-level touring acts to have a vocalist whose voice not only matched with their own music, but with the sounds of all the potential remixers out there, so those acts could own the blogosphere and even perhaps the dingy club scene. Nowadays, gaining viral momentum has overwhelmingly replaced bloggers as a way to find popularity to the point where blog hits from the mid aughts are a retro theme in many venues across North America.

Alan Braxe Returns with New Single

Braxe is back, baby, and he's in full effect. The man who is the ballast for the "French Touch" movement has kindly given us the first original music in six years, and its got all the gentle cotton wool we all remembered enjoying being wrapped in. Braxe has that edge still, where the pads and melodies that define his sound are peerless. There's a new EP coming, and if "Words" is any indication, there is the possibility of grinning rhythms and sparkly hooks about to descend upon us like it was 2008 again.

Phantom Planet Reform, Release New Single

Twenty-five years is a true milestone of an anniversary. The silver anniversary, to be exact. Most people don’t stick with things for more than 25 days, much less years, especially when we are talking about the band you started in high school. Here we are though, 25 years in, and beloved LA-based band Phantom Planet are going strong. The band did take a hiatus after the release of their 2008 album Raise The Dead to indulge in their own personal work, but have recently gotten back together and just released the new single “Party Animal”.