The Gaze | Art School High

We’ve seen it in the recent hit television show 13 Reasons Why. For some students, high school is nothing but a source of trauma and anxiety. That’s the whole essence of Art School High, a collective exhibition carefully curated by Patrik Andersson.

With works reflecting on the experience of attending high school and learning in different environments, the 12 participating artists explore issues relating to identity, adolescence, marginalization, and rebellious behaviours.

The Gaze | Angell Gallery

Opened to the public for the first time in 1996, Toronto-based Angell Gallery is now known for curating forward-thinking and unconventional exhibitions. Its roster includes emerging and mid-career artists from the globe's major artistic hubs: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, London, and Berlin. Part of Angell Gallery's mission is to raise the profile of artists showcasing their work to an international level, and so far, the gallery has been quite successful at doing so, grabbing curators and journalists' attention on a regular basis.

The Gaze | Sheltered + Exposed

Winter; a four-to-six months long defining experience for many. In Alberta, winter's cold climate is often perceived as a challenge to navigate. Hence, architectural designs are conceived with this reality in mind. However, many seem to believe the structures are perhaps too protective and isolating, rather than appreciative of the season.