When it comes to fiction, we love rooting for the bad guy. It’s why more cosplayers opt to don Darth Vader’s breath-stifling black mask over an original trilogy Luke Skywalker robe, or why online battle masters went bananas when Fortnite reintroduced Marvel heel Thanos as a playable character this past spring. Imperfect, endlessly complicated, and full of mystique, there just seems to be more to latch onto with a villain.

The Self-Portrait Project: Applying The Notion Of Empowerment To Photography

Over the past decades, the notion of empowerment has been a fundamental concept in various social initiatives and cognitive studies. While the term ‘empowerment’ only came into usage in social work and psychology in the 1980s, the origins of the notion finds its roots in pioneering works dating from the 1960s1. Today, the concept often finds itself diluted and de-politicized.

The Gaze | Pussylluminati

You might already know MissMe for some of her previous projects such Jazz Saints, Politically Correct and Dessert For Breakfast, or by walking down the streets of Montreal, Miami, New York, Paris and Geneva where she has been busy wheatpasting and advocating for women and marginalized voices.

The Gaze | Out of Repetition, Difference

Out of Repetition, Difference is a group exhibition curated by Lauren Fournier, Toronto-based contemporary writer and conceptual artist. Presented for the first time at Zalucky Contemporary, the show reflects on the historical authenticity, but also the future of recent feminist practices and is composed of works by emerging and mid-career women artists Katherine Boyer, Hazel Meyer, Petrina Ng and Sona Safaei-Sooreh.