Wants & Needs | Milk Makeup

The newest makeup line for 2016 is “Milk Makeup.” Multifunctional, high-tech formulas built for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done up, and more time getting stuff done. The line’s categories includes; eye, lip, face, skin, and hair, with eco-conscious ingredients such as lavender, avocado oil, shea butter, and coconut wax. The team came up with some cute New York references for the brand, such as the Milk Highlighter called "Lit" after the bar in the Lower East Side. We WANT & NEED all of it, especially the Milk Cooling Water.

Wants & Needs | The North Face "Access Pack"

Best known for their activewear, The North Face is positioning itself to be known as the game changer in the backpack market with the launch of the Access Pack. What is the big deal about this backpack? Remember when you would rummage through your one compartment backpack to find your; keys, phone, pen, ipad, computer, business cards, water bottle? Well, I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh wait, it was!

Paulie's Barbershop | Best Hood Feel Good

Paul Donnici, formerly from The Belmont, has opened up a traditional barber shop in the Vancouver neighborhood of Little Mountain, and we couldn't be any more excited about it. Paulie's Barbershop focuses on great traditional cuts and male grooming, as well a carefully curated, high quality range of self care products and grooming tools from California, Italy, England, Victoria, Spain, and Australia.

Sophia Danai | Wishing Well Magazine + Money

We’re all about multifaceted artists, and singer-songwriter, Sophia Danai, is the latest on our radar. We first had the chance to see her perform a live acoustic set at last spring’s ION POP SHOP, and not only did she win our hearts with her charm, beauty, timeless sound and eclectic collection of songs—which may we add, include an Electone organ—but Danai also produces an online magazine called Wishing Well. Showcasing what inspires her, each issue coincides with a newly released song.

André Azevedo

Should we talk about how cool embroidery is? Your grandma does it. We did it in kindergarten. It was awesome! André Azevedo fuses several artistic techniques; drawing, painting and even sewing over fabrics to build layered pieces.


The secret to Salazar Motion Picture Collective’s triumphs may be cliché, but it’s honest: they’re driven by passion. The popularity of their narrative shorts (cleverly disguised as music videos and ad promos) is due not to fancy equipment, which they don’t have, or inflated budgets, which they haven’t been afforded—it lies in their eagerness to go anywhere to obtain the best shot possible.

Raif Adelberg

Raif Adelberg’s body is covered in tattoos but the cutest is of a peanut on his palm. It’s there as a reminder to never to let things slip through his hands. Darker by comparison, he has the Charles Manson quote “I can never be in love. Because I am love,” tattooed on the inside of his arm. It’s there because he finds Charlie very interesting. This is just one of many amusing contradictions surrounding this Vancouver artist/fashion designer.

Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign, a young midgetesque female Briton, raps in a manner that you can relate to. Although at first listen her music may not seem catchy enough, it quickly causes your mind to forget about priorities and your formal behaviour turns into an informal dance of the body. On the surface, lyrically, Lady Sovereign doesn’t seem to offer very much that you can relate to. But relating one thing to another happens with a string of inevitability, because we do wake up late in the morning, and we do go out, and we are improper.