Food + Drink

Carmine Jewel Liqueur

Straight from Saskatoon comes Carmine Jewel Liqueur. It’s tart, it’s flavourful and it’s made of Saskatchewan-grown organic carmine jewel dwarf sour cherries. Say that five times fast! You don’t really have to do that but you should get this liqueur from Lucky Bastard Distillery. They don’t use additives and preservatives in their liqueurs which means you’re getting quality booze for your mouth.

Eau Claire Distillery: Three Point Vodka

There’s no right or wrong way to drink vodka. In a martini, in a Caesar, on the rocks, neat – however you drink it, make sure you try Eau Claire Distillery’s Three Point Vodka. This premium vodka is produced and bottled in Turner Valley, Alberta and made with pure mountain water. The result is a smooth, polished flavour that makes you want to stick a straw right into the bottle and sip it like soda. But remember, it’s not soda, it’s vodka so drink responsibly, k?

Wants & Needs: Transcend Coffee's Espresso

Sometimes you want to end your day with a nice espresso. For people that can handle caffeine after 8pm -- it makes some of us bounce off the walls, okay?!? -- try Edmonton’s Transcend Coffee’s Espresso. With notes of roasted almond, dark chocolate, cherry and caramel, it’s like drinking dessert. Order a bag today and you won’t be sorry, or sleepy, unless you’re one of those magical people that can handle having caffeine at night.

Our Favourite Post from #DEB Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver we are pretty sure that you are aware that Diner En Blanc took place last night. Your facebook feed has probably been hijacked by images of your friends or people that you know dressed in all white for this exclusive event. Through all of the "white" noise, one of the attendants posts stood out from all the rest, and that is why we would like to honour this "no fucks given" partier who trolled the event and had us laughing so hard it hurt.

Thank you Victoria Potter!

Wants & Needs | 49th Parallel: Organic French Roast

Finding the perfect cup of coffee can be challenging. Sure, you can go to a certain chain that writes your name wrong on the cup or you can try something better. Vancouver-based roaster 49th Parallel’s Organic French Roast is dark, smoky powerful, nutty with the right amount of spice. It’s also has a low acidity which is great for those who like to get their acid from oranges instead of their morning cup of coffee. This Organic French Roast is great through a filter or stove top espresso.

Food Wants & Needs | Newfoundland Sayings Bars

Newfoundland gets a bad rap for being a foggy prison with boiled dinners but it’s really a magical place where you can see icebergs from your window and everyone is BFFs. They also talk funny, in a good way. Learn to speak Newfinease while satisfying your chocolate cravings with Newfoundland Chocolate Company’s Newfoundland Sayings Bars. Get them now otherwise you’ll be as stunned as me arse.

Food Wants & Needs | Skratch Bastid's Hot Sauce 3-Pack

If you’re one of those people who puts hot sauce on everything you need to purchase Bastid’s Hot Sauce 3-pack. Made by one of Canada’s best scratchers (aka DJ), Scratch Bastid, this hot sauce collection features Original (hot as eff), Garlic (hot as eff and kills vampires) and Jamaican Jerk Rub & Seasoning (hot as eff and flavourful for days). These hot sauces will also fit in your bag. Swag. Get them before they get too hot and sell out.