We are in love with this local Vancouver street artist’s work so much that we couldn’t help but slot him into our Of The Month for Issue 90, even though we heard about him a while ago. iHeart, helped along a little by a small viral push by Banksy (the irony is certainly not lost considering his concentration on social media), has been leaving his inkings and etchings all over the city of Vancouver for quite some time and is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

The Art of Skate

Why does skate culture boast so many artists, and how does the skate world influence their art? Karyn Gray chats to three artists to talk about skate, art, and the relationship between the two.

1 Canoe 2 | Letterpress Calendar

Happy New Year! We've all said goodbye to last year—with "Dear 2013" Facebook statuses and "Best Moments on Instagram" slideshows (that Statigram theme song is still stuck in our heads)—but now it's time to turn over a new leaf, as they say. A new year, a new blank page, a new calendar. Sure, our computers and phones have a calendar App, but it's always nice to have a physical reminder of the date up on the wall, on our desk, and in our hands.

The Fine Line

Where do the worlds of fine art and tattoo art meet, if at all? Is it in the art itself, or in the artist who creates it? What came first, the chicken or the tree falling in the forest? Apparently, having some experts clarify things wouldn’t hurt. Two artists, Krista Bursey and Joel Conroy, talk to Karyn Gray about their art, both fine and tattoo, and whether there’s really a line dividing them.

Jeff Martin Joinery

Vancouver local and New York trained, Jeff Martin, makes beautiful things. Beautiful things we want. Badly. They may have a hefty price tag (our favourite, his custom wooden stool goes for $525 and is one of the more reasonable items) but his masterpieces in furniture design and millwork are worth your hard earned buck and will last a veritable lifetime.


RAW:natural born artists, an independent arts organization, has swept across the US and Australia and is making its Canadian debut this summer in Vancouver and Montreal. This international organization showcases independent artists from the world of film, fashion, hair and makeup, music, photography, art, accessories and performance. RAW’s mission is to provide artists with the tools and exposure to help them grow and create.